Offering both hard and soft wax for optimal hair removal.


Facial waxing

Brow Wax $25-40
Lip Wax $19
Chin Wax $19
Cheek Wax $15
Full Facial Wax (Brows, Lips, Chin and Cheeks) $66-85
Ear Wax $19
Nose Wax $22

Discuss your brow goals, remove any unwanted facial hair and provide a smooth foundation for makeup application and skin care products with a facial wax.

body waxing

Arm Wax (Elbow down) $45
Underarm Wax $30-45
Half (Knee down) / Full Leg Wax $45-68/$70-98
Back or Chest Wax Full / Half: $60-75 / $50-65
Bikini Wax $40-62
Brazilian Wax $55-78

Reduce the appearance of hair and eliminate daily shaving maintenance with a body wax service. Each service is customized and recommended for visits every 3-7 weeks depending on hair growth.


Artists Specializing in Waxing

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