SkinPen Microneedling

FDA approved, minimal downtime and results driven, SkinPen will provide retexturization with acne scars, fine lines and even out pigmentation.


SkinPen Treatment

Full Face and Neck Treatment: $315
Full Face, Neck, Decollate: $500
Specific Area by Consultation
PRP Treatment $250 -
This service is to be paired with a full face and neck Skinpen treatment.

This treatment will help your body produce collagen and elastin in the regeneration process of the skin.  This treatment uses no chemicals, heat or toxins to burn or remove layers of your skin. A numbing agent is used to ensure a more comfortable service treatment.

A series of 3-4 treatments every 4 weeks is recommended. If looking to reduce severe scarring and stretch marks, 6 treatments may be applicable. Mild peeling and redness can be expected for up to one week post treatment.

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