Experience many ways to relax and treat your skin with one of many customized facials.


Lili Signature Facial

60 Minutes

Experience the purity and wellness from inside out with customized mask blending and skin balancing treatments. Incorporating medical grade products alongside lymphatic massage techniques, experience the release of toxins and promotion of blood flow to revitalize and rejuvenate. A series of massage including neck and shoulder along side hand and arm massage will send you into a deep relaxation.

contour facial

60 Minutes

The contour facial is great for all skin types. With an enzyme and contouring mask you should have brighter and tighter looking skin. The Gua Sha technique also helps lift the skin for added anti aging benefits. Release tension in your facial muscles and improve blood circulation.


Triple T Facial

90 Minutes

Tone, tighten and transform with a facial resurfacing using dermaplane and light peel to eliminate superficial hairs and prepare the skin for a complete oxygen and ampoule absorption. Melt away tension with calming massage and reflexology. Using a collagen stem cell infusion, LED light therapy and microcurrent muscle lifting, experience facial tightening and fine line reduction and prevention.

brightening facial

90 Minutes

Refresh the skin with the treatment of oxygen infusion and brightening serums to enhance the vitality of the skin. Cast away dull, aging skin with a dermaplane treatment, heat therapy and cryotherapy to improve the absorption of Vitamin C and Niacinamide treatments. Enjoy a soothing massage while experiencing glowing skin correcting pigmentation with LED light therapy. Leave with a luminous glow as the services with a customized, deeper peel to support cell renewal and collagen production.


Purifying Facial

75 Minutes

This relaxing but acne treatment-based facial uses state of the art photosynthesizing technology to reduce oil glands and bacteria production. Inclusive of gentle cleansers and extractions, oxygen infusion for bacteria elimination, calming masks and cool therapy to provide relief and hydration for rejuvenation. Stress-reducing massage and reflexology encourage complete treatment care.

Men’s Facial

45 Minutes

Customized to either detox facial hair or hydrate skin irritation from shaving, this facial in addition offers customized treatment masks. Specialized skin rejuvenation treatments and massage will ensure full relaxation.


back facial

45 Minutes

A deep back cleanse paired with microdermabrasion exfoliation promotes improved skin re-texture and tone. Let us extract any congestion and rejuvenate the health of the skin.

Facial Enhancements

Perfect treatment pairings
from head to toe!

High Frequency Treatment 10 Minutes


Treat and prevent stubborn acne, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles.

Light Therapy 10 Minutes

Using a device that emits UV-free, beneficial light rays, this treatment penetrates the skin to help increase collagen production, speed healing, circulation, and destroy acne-causing bacteria and inflammation.

Microcurrent Therapy 15 Minutes


Using a controlled low-amp electrical stimulus to specific regions of the body, this treatment will help injured tissue heal faster and strengthen, tone and tighten facial muscles.

Microdermabrasian Face 15 Minutes


This minimally invasive procedure is used to renew overall skin tone and texture, it also can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin related concerns and conditions.

Oxygen Therapy 15 Minutes

Applying pure, pressurized oxygen onto the skin to promote increased skin vitality.

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