Winter Skin Refresh

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This winter has been anything but kind to our skin. We often receive the question, “how do I maintain good skin?” Lili Salon Spa is backed by experience and our experts to provide you with the best skincare advice!

Registered nurses and AP estheticians work here at Lili Salon Spa and we are telling you how to make your skin glow all year round. 

Skin Hydration 

Every year as the temperature changes, so does our skin’s ability to hold moisture. Your skin is likely to present this to you by looking dull, flakey, or even ashy. To replenish some of our moisture and give you back your bright, plump look, Lili Salon Spa highly recommends receiving our Brightening Facial. To be fair, this is more than a facial.

Our Brightening Facial includes a SkinCeuticals® Hydrocel Sheet Mask which covers your face, neck, and decolletage for full moisture replenishment. Most importantly, additional exfoliating and massage will keep your skin bright and improve circulation. The Lili Salon Spa Brightening Facial will relax your mind, and help your skin glow!

What is my at-home skin care routine? First, stop by Lili Salon Spa for a free skin analysis and consultation with an esthetician. Secondly, use Revision®, SkinMedica®, and Vivier®. They are the three medical grade skin care product lines carried by us to make your routine as easy and effective as possible. Lastly, we will set you up for success with the best skincare products for you, and we will teach you how to use them to maximize your results!

Want a professional skin refresh? Certainly, schedule an appointment for a Brightening Facial with one of our talented estheticians today. What does a brightening facial include? Click here to learn more about our Brightening Facial as well as the rest of our facial services.

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