Experience healthy hair with R+Co BLEU Essentials.


Meet your new hair hero from R+ Co BLEU: Essentials. It is an everyday all-star created for all hair types. Luxe lather, gentle cleansing, optimal hydration, and amped-up antioxidant protection. It provides a boost of body, bounce, softness and dazzling shine. R+Co BLEU Essentials promotes healthy hair.

Never heard about R+Co BLEU? Now is the time to lean it. R+Co BLEU offers us many reasons to supporting this brand. First off, it does wonders for our team of stylist. This brand packs a punch for when we need it most. Utilizing luxury hair care is a gift. It saves time so our team can get immediate results without multiple layers of product and weighted down hair. It delivers what we have come to expect – without compromise. Oh did we mention these too? VEGAN. GLUTEN FREE. CRUELTY-FREE. NO PARABENS. BOTTLE & CAP MADE FROM 100% PCR.

The newest addition to the R+Co BLEU line is the Essentials – a full line including the Essential Shampoo, Essential Conditioner, F-Layer Conditioning Serum, Rose Water Wave Spray and Daily Forecast Finishing Spray. A universal do-it-all for all hair types and textures. Detangles, fortifies, repairs and protects healthy hair. Seals in moisture, pumps up shine. This luxurious melting conditioner feels like a treatment but is light enough to use every day.

Lili Salon Spa offers this amazing hair care line to treat and hydrate luxurious hair. Located in the Galleria Shopping Center in Edina, MN, this beauty destination treats guests from head to toe, while using the top of the line post-service products to maintain results. Stop in to consult about your hair and daily treatments that can enhance and support your beauty goals. Want to schedule a consultation? Book time with one of our hair artists with our online booking.

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