Refresh Aging Skin with SkinPen


Cellular renewal is key in offsetting the appearance of aging skin. Combat fine lines and promote healthy skin with a quick, little downtime microneedling treatment! Refresh aging skin with SkinPen Treatments. This treatment creates minimally invasive “micro” skin punctures to stimulating the skin’s natural wound healing process -which promotes cellular turnover.

What to Expect with SkinPen

This treatment prompts tissue remodeling without causing scar tissue formation. With a patented, single-use, microneedling cartridge, this treatment is safe. Therefore, most patients can return to normal activities within 24 hours. Skin will feel firm, tight and warm to the touch during the healing process.

A Recommended Skin Resurfacing Treatment

SkinPen Treatments are effective for both men and women. This treatment is recommended in a series of three to four treatments with 30 days between each treatment to help promote and retain the desired results of tightening, toning and smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. Therefore, this treatment can be done many times without any adverse effects. A treatment plan should not occur if a candidate has open wounds, sores, irritated skin or skin cancer. If you have bleeding disorder or disfunction, this treatment is not advised. For candidates on Accutane, this service is not advised.

SkinPen with PRP

Boost your skin with your own plasma! Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), facilitated by the SkinPen, uses your skin’s natural properties and ability to repair damaged tissues. This allows your skin to look its very best. Using a small sample of your blood, the blood is spun, resulting in enriched plasma that can be applied where it is needed with the SkinPen. Therefore, this is a perfect pairing for a SkinPen treatment.

Refresh your Skin

Ready to see if SkinPen is right for you? First, schedule a skin care consultation with our Advanced Practice Estheticians at Lili Salon Spa in Edina, MN. Then, book your treatment. Or, schedule a consultation online. Learn more about SkinPen. Visit the official SkinPen website!

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