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It can be tough to find the best brush when there are so many options to chose from. If you have short, long, curly and thin hair, you will require a different selection to promote healthy hair. Are you ready to find the best tool for you? Depending on your style, there are 4 simple styles of brushes that offer the results you need.

The Detangling Brush

The detangling brush is going to be a tool that offers you flexibility to comb through the snarly hair. It is the best comb for tangles, both wet and dry. The brand we have selected to showcase is The Wet Brush. It has flexible nylon bristles that detangle hair without pulling it out. The Wet Brush is very affordable, easy to clean and protects the hair with minimal damage when using it.

The Boar Bristle

The boar bristle brush is great for smoothing out naturally curly hair. It also can reduce static and promote shine. Both of these attributes are great for the winter time when you have a dry scalp and lackluster hair. This tool has great potential for extreme tension to provide the shine and smoothing capabilities. The other advantages for a boar bristle brush is the even distribution of scalp oils onto the hair.

The Round Brush

The round brush is perfect to add volume. As a bonus, a metal round brush will create an even distribution of heat which in turn will give your hair movement and curl. This type of brush can create one less step to avoid a second step of curling or using flat iron. Therefore, a round brush provides less heat damage to the hair.

The Paddle

The paddle brush is a multi-use brush. It can detangle hair when it is wet or smoothing out long hair when blowdrying. The featured photo in this blog shows a hybrid paddle brush that offers both nylon flexible bristles and boar bristles . This will provide a little bit of tension and shine. However, it is a paddle so the tension will be less than a round brush. If you are looking for a beveled shape around the face, this tool will deliver.

To find your perfect hairstyling tool, shop at Lili Salon Spa in Edina, MN. Within the Galleria Shopping Center, this salon offers a variety of brushes for every hair type. If you want to skip the work and tools, trust one of the talented hair artists give you the ultimate blowout. Schedule your style appointment with online booking.

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