Our Favorite Skin and Hair Accessories


Hair and skin care goes beyond applying creams, sprays and oils! Some of our favorite finds are the accessories that help support our hair and skin products. Whether you are on-the-go traveling or nestled up at home, we have a few key accessories that make your day-to-day that much better!

From shower to beauty prep, we are excited to share our top four finds that make our beauty regimens easier!

Quick Drying Hair Towel

Not only is this towel highly absorbent, this microfiber material is gentle for all hair types. This friction-free drying is a fraction of time to help save you drying time and tame frizz while reducing hair breakage. Available in many stylish designs, this towel also comes with a reusable waterproof travel pouch!

Mini Spa Rollers

Mini, but mighty, these spa rollers not only promote healthy blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, but also help lock in in serums and skin care products deeper into the pores for complete absorption. The ice roller will help soothe tired, puffy eyes and help reduce inflammation. These rollers include a soft, velvet pouch made from eco-friendly materials for a stylish on-the-go storage.

Satin Heatless Curling Set

Create perfect waves or curls for a classic stunning look with this alternative heat styling option for healthier, stronger hair strands over time. The satin from these curling rods help create a frizz-free and smooth shape that can be worn day or night. As a bonus, they are super comfy to sleep on too!

Creaseless Clip

Whether you are doing a makeup application or creating finger waves for a set style, these clips are a perfect tool to secure hair without a trace. For our friends with bangs, these clips are very handy and a must have!

If you love to shop, Lili Salon Spa offers a variety of fun accessories whether you are preparing for a jet-setting adventure or relaxing at home. From bath salts, lotions, scrubs and creams to scrunchies, hair ties and more – there is always something to find to accessories your best skin and hair. To learn more about services offered at Lili Salon Spa that cover you from head to toe!

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