Reset your hair with a Malibu Hair Treatment


Fall is a great time to hit the reset button on your hair. With summer fun taking us into chlorinated waters, we are ready to do a deep dive into our favorite post-summer treatment. Does your hair have a green or orange discoloration to it? This can be a common occurrence caused by chlorinated and hard water. Hair is a sponge. Therefore, it soaks up all the chemicals that are occurring in the water. Once hair transforms into a different color, it is time to clean it up with a simple Malibu Hair Treatment.

What is in a Malibu Treatment?

Malibu treatments are custom treatments that can combat a multitude of hair issues. Remove buildup and harsh brassiness chemicals with this simple treatment. A Malibu Treatment is packed with granules that are able to pull out all the chemicals that have been living rent free on your head. Each treatment is vegan friendly. Also, it has no harmful chemicals or preservatives. With a bit of time and talent from your hairdresser, your hair will be back to a clean slate with a custom treatment!

Prevent Chemical Hair Buildup.

Prevention is key to help your hair from soaking up chemicals from spas, pools, hard water and hot tubs. We have a few easy ways to help alleviate this treatment. First, pre-wet your hair with clean, distilled water to help your hair from stopping from absorbing these chemicals. Secondly, take time to use leave in conditioners that smooth and block the hair follicle from taking on more chemicals. Thirdly, practice rinsing your hair after an experience in chlorinated water. Not always does your shower have the best water that can prevent chemical buildup. If your have hard water, then consider purchasing one of the top shower filters on the market.

Why use a Malibu Treatment?

If you have tried your best with prevention, it can be nice to have a quick reset at the salon for your hair treatment. In Edina, Minnesota, Lili Salon Spa offers custom Malibu Treatments to help combat hair buildup. Pair a treatment with any haircut or hair color service. Therefore, it is a great way to start fresh with your next hair service. Schedule a consultation or any hair service to learn more about which Malibu Treatment is right for you. Go ahead, schedule your next appointment online!

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