Solutions for Unattractive Nails

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Sandal season is difficult when struggling with unattractive nails. Unsightly nails can be from running, a nail injury, surgery or genetics. Many people that have a missing toenail or fingernail, or a deep split nail. However, some individuals lose freedom because of abnormal nails. To help create more security and confidence, a new solution is available for unattractive nails. An advanced solution created by LCN called Barefoot is ready to help unsightly nails. Worried about your natural or unattractive nail? Learn more LCN Barefoot.

A Certified Assurance

LCN Barefoot requires a specialized certification for licensed nail technicians. Specialists can perform this correction service on both fingers and toes. Barefoot by LCN is a highly effective nail correction system compromised of an extremely elastic light-curing resin (gel). Therefore, this product uniquely adapts to the movements and stresses of the nail and a appendage.

When Barefoot is added to a natural nail, the gel cures and will not damage or hinder the natural nail growth. Above all, this product does not have an odor or discoloration. This makes the product a great solution for those who are transitioning into new nail growth.

A Natural Solution for Unattractive Nails

Barefoot’s special adhesive properties mean the good results can be achieved even on callus layers of skin. This means it can replace a toenail that may be partially or completely missing. If no nail is present, Barefoot acts as a prothesis. In addition, this product feels comfortable and natural.

Lasting Results

Duration of product adhesion may vary. For example, a person missing a nail will have variable results depending on how much callused skin is available. Once Barefoot has been applied it can be treated the same way as a natural toenail. It can be filed and polished using standard nail polish and gel polish. Polishes can be removed normally, as it won’t damage your new nail. As a result, the product does not appear thick or unnatural.

This product does come highly recommended with aftercare. LCN Mykosept spray is a tincture that dries excess moisture and should be used after this treatment. For instance, after a shower or water activity, spray the Mykosept product around the nail.

Lili Salon Spa has a team of specialized nail technicians trained in Barefoot. The Barefoot correction system is performed for both fingernail and toenail treatments. This service can be paired with a manicure or pedicure to offer a full transformation. Looking to maintain a current Barefoot treatment? Lili Salon Spa retails the LCN Mykosept spray. Learn more about the service and pricing for the Barefoot service.

Learn more to see if you are a good candidate for this service by booking a consultation. Either schedule with online booking or call us at 952-224-3300.

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