4 Ways to Get the Most out of Your In-Salon Color Service


Get ready for your hair color service with a few easy steps to ensure you get the most out of your experience! 

1. Don’t Tame the Grays.
If use a color hair powder or wax stick to cover your grays, please let them show through on the day of your color service. Covering your grays with a at home care product will create a build up around the hair that doesn’t allow for the color to properly absorb during the application process. Since the point of the hair color is to have the color change the gray colors – leave the powders and oils in the cabinet for the day!

2. Keep it Clean (and dry too)!
Fresh, dry hair is best to let the color or lightening services to truly transform and penetrate the hair. Clean, wet hair can sometimes cause the color to have a longer absorbing time since the hair follicle is swollen with water. Take the time to give plenty of air-dry time between a shower and the color appointment.  It should be noted that sometimes a hairdresser will want wet hair for a desired processing procedure. If that is the case, let them manage the experience by shampooing you prior to the service.

3. Have a Game Plan. 
Let your stylist know what you love and don’t love about a specific hair color with photos. Photos are a great stepping stone to inspire and translate your hair goals. Use photos of yourself or others to determine your new hair dreams.  Just keep in mind that the hair in your photo may or may not be possible depending on the process that may have to occur. Keep your game plan open minded for new adventures! of what you want your hair to look like to something that is actual. look or bring photos 

4. Consult for a Hair Goal.
If you are unsure about the services you want to do, a consultation is best! This ensures that there is a game plan based on what your likes and dislikes are- both visually and in regards to the maintenance that comes along with the color you choose.

Lili Salon Spa in Edina, MN offers complimentary hair color consultations with a team of artists that specialize in color services. To reserve time to discuss your hair color goals, you can either call 952-224-3300 or book online.

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