4 Ways to Extend Your Manicure

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A manicure is a great way to indulge in a lovely new nail color and pamper your hands.  The manicure is the accessory to complete your entire outfit and look. If that feels like a lot of pressure on your decision making, here are some great ideas to extend the life of you manicure when you finally master your go-to. Also, if you like many nail artists, we love to switch it up – so it is ok if you want to change it up every few days or each week!

1. Select the Proper Polish.

Gel Polish has been a go-to for years and a great deal of improvement has been made to the timing for the curing process. Gel polish a great manicure option, but there are more regular polish lines on the market that reduce chipping and easily can be removed with polish remover. As product technology has evolved, the right polish may be right around the corner such as Dazzle Dry Polish – which relies on a special base coat for long wearing, extra strength.

2. Use Cuticle Oil Daily.

Maintain a fresh manicure look by focusing on soft and hydrated cuticles. Prevent hang nails and cracks with oil and daily lotion. A favorite go-to is CND Solar Oil. If you can put a compact oil or travel lotion in your purse, it is the perfect go-to with no excuses!

3. Schedule in-between Treatments.

Your nails may be well-shaped and growing out beautifully. This is the time where you may consider doing just a polish change manicure. Some spas may have a mini or express manicure that can be as simple as a polish change to help keep you hands looking great without the extra time on cuticle care, shaping and hydration.

4. Design Choices

Think about your grow out! If you are looking for some nail art, consider a mini-moon nail design that allows fantastic grow out or a more neutral color nearest your cuticles. If you stick to neutrals, grow out would be less obvious than anything bright or flashy. If you are electing for an artificial acrylic or hard gel nail that has strong tip or point such as a stiletto shape, there is a great chance for a broken nail which can result in a trip back to the nail salon.

Lili Salon Spa in Edina, MN offers many nail care services to treat your hands with a Hydrating Manicure to a quick Polish Change service. Featuring CND and LCN products, a quick retail purchase can extend your manicure as well. To meet one of our team of professional nail artists, schedule an appointment by calling 952-224-3300 or booking an appointment online.

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