Reach new arches with Brow Lamination services!

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Ready for 3 great reasons why brow lamination will be your new favorite spa service? Let’s introduce you to brow lamination – a service that has been popping up around spa menus for the past few years and it has earned its place within the brow community!

What is brow lamination? 

Brow Lamination is the process of lifting the brow hairs up into the direction you wish they naturally layed. This service is pain free and takes no more than an hour every 8 weeks.

How does brow lamination work?

Using a modern day solution that essentially perms the brows in the right direction. Leave this treatment to the professionals to avoid over processing or misguided brows!

Here are 3 reasons why brow lamination is going to be one of your new favorite spa services!

  1. Time-Saver.  Brow laminations will cut down on any morning routine! Eliminate applying brow gel, powders and penciling in your brows. Just a quick brush in the morning and you’re ready to tackle the day looking perfectly groomed. Yes, perfectly manicured brows will still  happen despite hitting the snooze button a few extra times!  
  1. Taming Unruly Hairs. Brow lamination will keep brows staying in place for up to two months. This service is great for any type of brow; thick or thin!
  1. Fuller Looking Brows It’s great for fuller looking brows without the commitment of a service like microblading. The process of lifting brow hairs into a specific direction, allows for previously noticeable holes within a brow to disappear. 

Lili Salon Spa offers brow lamination services with advanced practice estheticians. This service is performed individually or can be combined with waxing and tinting. For our brow perfectionists, a favorite service is the Brow Trio for $99. It gives a full pampering experience for your brows – waxing, lamination and tinting. It’s a wow factor!

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