Which Hair Extensions are the Best ?

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By now everyone has heard about hair extensions, the different types perhaps or wondered, how do people have that luxurious hair?  As extensions have become more affordable, more people are searching for that luxurious look.  

Extensions enhance hair length, volume, and overall aesthetic appeal. While there are various types of hair extensions available, hand-tied extensions give natural-looking results. Also, they have the potential for maintaining healthy hair allowing it to grow.  Contrary to what some may believe, hand-tied extensions can be a great option for achieving hair wellness when approached with care and proper maintenance. 

Types of Extensions

There are many types of extensions. Each method offers different ways of connecting hair extensions to natural hair. Methods include k-tip, keratin bonded to the hair, i-tip; a bead with tips of hair attached to small sections and attached in a row or spot filled; tape in tabs; 2 pieces taped together with a fine row of hair in-between the tabs and the latest tape in row; a row of hair with tape again, with a fine row of hair in-between.  

Starting with Simple Extension Method Solutions

Depending on your hair goals, often times we find individuals seeking more volume, length or and filling in sparse hair areas. There are many different ways to install extensions and each installation requires a thorough consultation on which method works best for your hair, scalp health and density. Lastly, and most importantly, goals for extensions are based on a desired result and current length of natural hair. If you are looking to understand the feel and weight of extensions, starting small and building up to a full head can be a great start. If you are looking for a quick solution to fill in finer areas, tape in tabs are a common method.

Full Look Extension Solutions with Advanced Methods

Sometimes when you dream of extensions, you think of a full head of hair with lots of volume and length. There are several methods to achieve this look, but we are going to focus on the most popular method today. This is the beaded row, most commonly known as a hand tied row.  When the beaded row method was first introduced all hair was individually tied to a row of string by hand, hence the word “hand-tied”.  Now companies have developed micro wefts which can be cut and connected at the top with material to make them more flat. Micro wefts also eliminated the extra hair that could come into play with the hand-tied only method.

Advanced Methods with Invisible Bead Extensions

Advanced skills include the invisible bead method. Most recently stylist Lori Anne spent weeks training to learn this method which is one of the most talked about in the industry.  With all the method options, why is Invisible Bead method preferred?  Invisible Bead Extensions, also known as IBE,  is a unique method to install. The Invisible Bead Extension method promises a damage-free and comfortable installation allowing you to go longer in between maintenance appointments and gives seamlessness from every view. It offers flexibility and comfort even when worn up in a ponytail.

Hair Extensions in Edina, MN

In Edina, MN, Lili Salon Spa offers many installation types and brands of hair. T-tip installations are with Dreamcatchers. Tape-in installations are with both Easi Hair Pro and Aqua. Beaded row installations can be done with Aqua and Easir hair pro.  Additionally we have 2 different applications available for our beaded row or hand tied rows.  The traditional over-the-row and the invisible bead extensions. Learn what is best for you by booking an appointment online for a consultation.

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