Hair Repair with K18 Treatment Service

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Feel like your hair needs repair? Revolutionary K18 offers a Hair Repair Treatment that is results-driven and stylist-approved. Stylists love the results they see with this almost-instant result driven product for all hair types. K18 transforms the hair from inside out at a molecular level, rejuvenating elasticity and strength within a few short minutes.

How to Pair this Treatment with Services

This K18 treatment can be done with a color, cut or a blowout! This is a two part service that is easy to add to your service. When you choose to do this service, before you begin your color, cut or blowout, your hair is sprayed down with a molecular hair repair mist. It sits for a few minutes and then you are off to your services! If you do a color service, your stylist would color right over the mist. If you are doing a blowout or cut, you are heading to the shampoo bowl! After you are all done with your shampoo services, you get a secondary masque treatment that sits for a few minutes before your finished style or cut. Easy peasy with lasting results!

The Molecular Science of K18

If you are familiar with bond builders, this is type of molecule treatment is different and amplified. Bond builders offer a quick “pot-hole” fix for hair. Meaning, they fill in the gaps of broken or damaged hair, temporarily. Just like Minnesota winters, those pot holes come back in the spring. K18 offers a unique solution utilizing one step further in the science of hair by using polypeptides. These peptides use polypeptide chains and disulfide bonds to reverse the damage from bleach, color, chemical services, and heat. The K18PEPTIDE™ will fill in your hair with human like biology for a perfect match to seal in hair and work inside the keratin structure at a microscopic level. Yes, hair science is that cool!

Why a K18 Hair Treatment

This K18 treatment is a great hair investment. K18’s approach is quality over quantity! Because of the science, this treatment is set to transform your hair in less treatments with the polypeptides. Book your appointment online at Lili Salon Spa in Edina, MN within the Galleria Shopping Center. Offering a variety of services, this hair repair treatment will leave your hair feeling refreshed and looking its best.

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