Hair Treatments

Restore and refresh hair with a customized treatment.

k18 Molecular repair service


Renew strength and elasticity to hair with this biotech-powered peptide treatment. The K18PEPTIDE™ reverses hair damage in 4 minutes by reconnecting breaks in the hair fiber along both the length (keratin chains) and the width (disulfide bonds) for holistic hair renewal.


Kerastase Express Ritual Treatment with Fusio-Dos Booster


Completely relax with a hair transformation from the inside out. This spray-on treatment provides your hair with strength, color lock, repair and shine components, prioritized by your professional artist and customized for you.

Kerastase Deluxe Ritual Mask Treatment


Take your hair to the next level with a deep conditioning masque that coats every strand for optimal hair rejuvenation. Take the time to promote hair restoration, enhance color and add shine.

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Kerastase Dual Deluxe Ritual Treatment


Pair the Express and Deluxe for the ultimate hair restoration. Customized and deeply conditioning, this scalp massage and heat processing treatment will keep your hair looking its best. Ideal for longer lengths, when performed quarterly, this will keep your hair long, lustrous, and most important healthy from top to bottom.

R+Co Concentrates


This is a customized treatment that can target the following options:

  • Golden Lining - Bond Builder Pre-Shampoo Filler Concentrate
    • Vegan Keratin penetrates deep into the hair’s inner cortex, reinforcing the cortical structure to provide instant tensile strength and elasticity.67% increase in instant tensile strength + inner hair repair*
      85% increase in hydration + softness**
      Fills in porosity of damaged hair + prevents further breakage***
      ***Based on microscopic imaging results after using the concentrate and washed with a repair system
  • Super Garden - CBD Scalp Soothing Concentrate
    • 3x more hydration + moisturization. 100% of participants noticed a more balanced, clean and healthy-looking scalp. 90% of participants felt a soothed scalp + less discomfort. 100% of participants agreed their scalp + hair looked and felt healthy.
  • Gemstone - Color Locking Concentrate
    • Reduces damaged hair and repairs split ends for up to 4 weeks.
      One treatment retains color vibrancy with visual results for up to 23 washes.
  • Dallas - Thickening Concentrate
    • Increases fullness of fine hair by 2x after one application
      One treatment repairs damaged hair and split ends with visual results for up to 23 washes.
  • Atlantis - Moisturizing Concentrate
    • Increases moisture levels by 2.5x after one application.
      One treatment repairs damaged hair and reduces frizz for up to 4 weeks.
  • Bel Air - Smoothing Concentrate
    • Helps to smooth down frizz and restore damaged hair for up to 23 washes. After one treatment, hair feels up to 40% more smooth, hydrated and with increased shine.
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Malibu Treatment


Restore hair after it has been exposed to heavy chlorine or hard water with this purifying treatment. Perfect for swimmers and those who expose their hair to hard water daily, this will help restore natural color and luster of hair.

redken acidic bonding concentrate


Love to lighten and brighten your hair? Add this treatment to your next lightening service to optimize the color while reconstructing natural structure for stronger, healthier hair.

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