Meet our dedicated team!

Medspa Service Providers

When you need to go beyond the surface, this team knows what it's about to deliver you with the results that last and make the difference. Healthy glowing skin is the passion (and secret for beauty) this team of experts lives and breathes. Mixing the power of relaxation and results, facials and hair removal are their specialities.


Medical Service Providers

Julie Jacques, RN Injections and Laser Specialist


Martha "Boe" Boe, Master Esthetician


Bianca Rockenback, Senior Esthetician


Mikelle Brown, Senior Esthetician


Julie Jacques, RN

Nurse Injectioist, Laser Specialist

Martha "Boe"

Master Esthetician

Mikelle Brown

Senior Esthetician

Bianca Rockenback

Senior Esthetician

Style and Cutting Specialists

Shaping and trimming will provide any style into a work of art. Challenge us with your cowlicks, stubborn hairs and the who-knows-what-to-do styles. We came to impress.


Style and Cutting Specialists

Alan Gauvain, Expert Stylist


Cece Carr, Senior Stylist


Cassie LaPlante, Master Stylist


Emily Stout, Master Stylist


Kelli Meschke, Master Stylist


Matthew McDonald, Master Stylist


Andrew "Orville" Soosai, Senior Stylist


Vanessa Rudd, Senior Stylist


Alan Gauvain

Expert Stylist

Cece Carr

Senior Stylists

Cassie LaPlante

Master Stylist

Emily Stout

Master Stylist

Kelli Meschke

Master Stylist

Matthew McDonald

Master Stylist

Andrew "Orville" Soosai

Senior Stylist

Vanessa Rudd

Senior Stylist

Color Specialists

See beyond brown, blonde, black and gray. Explore what vivid tones and a dab of violet looks like under these keen eyes for color.


Color Specialists

William Anderson, Expert Colorist and Proprietor


Madeline Britton, Senior Colorist


Mandy Sundeen, Senior Colorist


Marwa Eshmawy, Master Colorist


Parisa Parsakalleh, Senior Colorist


Seanne Dreyling, Master Colorist


William Anderson

Expert Colorist, Proprietor

Madeline Britton

Senior Colorist

Mandy Sundeen

Senior Colorist

Marwa Eshmawy

Master Colorist

Parisa Parsakalleh

Senior Colorist

Seanne Dreyling

Master Colorist

Masters of Color & Cut

Hue and tonal experts, they see beyond brown, blonde, black and gray. Explore vivid tones and what a "dab-of-violet" looks like under keenly aware eyes.


Color and Cutting Generalists

Annie Dosch, Master Hair Artist


Ashley Nemes, Senior Hair Artist


Bobbi Thompson, Expert Hair Artist, Salon Manager


Sara "Charlie" Ophoven, Master Hair Artist


Nicole "Coley" Myhre, Expert Hair Artist


Haley Benjamin, Expert Hair Artist


Jaime Yaeck, Expert Hair Artist


Jess Livingston, Master Hair Artist


Kaisa Johnson, Senior Hair Artist


Kate Erickson, Master Hair Artist


Katherine Hammond, Senior Hair Artist


Lisa Haugdahl, Expert Hair Artist


Lori Anne Johnson, Master Hair Artist


Marie Mack, Master Hair Artist


Robi Lynn Messerich, Master Hair Artist


Sarah Miller, Master Hair Artist


Elizabeth "Stella" Ranstrom, Senior Hair Artist


Annie Dosch

Master Hair Artist

Ashley Nemes

Advanced Education Director

Bobbi Thompson

Expert Hair Artist, Salon Manager

Sara "Charlie" Ophoven

Master Hair Artist

Nicole "Coley" Myhre

Expert Hair Artist

Haley Benjamin

Expert Hair Artist

Jaime Yaeck

Expert Hair Artist

Jason Sperling

Expert Hair Artist

Jess Livingston

Master Hair Artist

Kaisa Johnson

Senior Hair Artist

Kate Erickson

Master Hair Artist

Katharine Hammond

Senior Hair Artist

Lisa Haugdahl

Expert Hair Artist

Lori Anne Johnson

Master Hair Artist

Marie Mack

Master Hair Artist

Robi Lynn Messerich

Master Hair Artist

Sarah Miller

Master Hair Artist

Elizabeth "Stella" Ranstrom

Senior Hair Artist

Nail Artists

Inspired by the tiniest of designs, our perfectionists of cuticle clean up and building up the bridges to allow you the new lengths you are ready to reach! Relax, you are always in good hands.


Nail Artists

Cymbre Bistodeau, Expert Nail Artist, Nail Director


Akina Denk, Expert Nail Artist


Angela Pitts, Master Nail Artist


Cece Carr, Senior Nail Artist


Jess Livingston, Master Nail Artist


Maggie Brodeen, Senior Nail Artist


Sarah Miller, Expert Nail Artist


Marie Mack, Expert Nail Artist


Kannatha Ngiv, Expert Nail Artist


Cymbre Bistodeau

Expert Nail Artist, Nail Director

Akina Denk

Expert Nail Artist

Angela Pitts

Master Nail Artist

Cece Carr

Senior Nail Artist

Jess Livingston

Master Nail Artist

Kannatha Ngiv

Expert Nail Artist

Maggie Brodeen

Senior Nail Artist

Marie Mack

Expert Nail Artist

Sarah Miller

Expert Nail Artist

Body Therapists

Relax as this team soothes aches and pains and gives you the extra skip in your step as you gain mobility and strength.


Carrie Pederson, Massage Director and Expert Massage Therapist


Narate Keys, Master Massage Therapist


Carrie Pederson

Expert Massage Therapist

Narate Keys, Master Massage Therapist

Master Massage Therapist

Management Team

The magic starts with our talent. But talent comes from continous education, support from leadership and lots of hard work and years of experience.



Allison Buckley, Salon Director


Sara Jessen, Operations Director


Michelle Poirier, General Manager


Allison Buckley

Salon Director

Sara Jessen

Operations Director

Michelle Poirier

General Manager

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