Modern Hair Must-Haves: R+Co Collabs with Jenny Cho

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Staying on trend and keeping up with product junkies like celebrity stylist Jenny Cho has us googling over the newest R+Co collaboration. Launching in the salon soon, meet VELVET CURTAIN Cotton Touch Texture Balm + RAINLESS Dry Cleansing Conditioner. 

Textured hair is going to celebrate what Jenny Cho and R+Co have embraced – easy maintenance living. Meet lived-in, natural texture for day one, two, three and four! Two simple steps using two powerful products. Simply use VELVET CURTAIN on day one for a piecey, matte finish. Follow it up with  RAINLESS on days two, three and four to revive those curl patterns!

What makes this dynamic duo a winner? It is a time saver. Skipping a hair wash in your morning routine and replacing with a dry cleansing conditioner will allow you to get to your destination a little quicker, while looking polished!

Want to explore the world of R+Co and Jenny Cho’s collaboration? Watch their behind the scenes video here.

Meet Lori Anne, a R+Co Brand Ambassador and Expert Stylist at Lili Salon Spa in Edina, MN. Lori Anne’s hands are always exploring to find the right texture, grit and hold to satisfy and support each guest’s hair care needs. Ready for a new shape or style? Book a consultation online to experience the styling potential of R+Co! Shop and support local.

VELVET CURTAIN Cotton Touch Texture Balm $34
RAINLESS Dry Cleansing Conditioner $32

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