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Curious what is happening behind closed doors during an injection treatment? We are ready to spill how and why this beauty treatment is in-demand. As facial injections have been typically there to treat and help erase fine lines and wrinkles, a new chapter is unfolding for this service. More young adults are finding this service appealing due it’s preventative capabilities that allow for a more youthful appearance.

The Science of Time.

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the aging process. Age comes with wisdom and a few fine lines and wrinkles formed due to repetitive muscle movement. When your facial muscles perform a task over and over, the muscle develops strength over time and in turn moves skin over and over, creating fine lines and wrinkles. Just like reading pages in a book and ear marking a page, fine lines are a story of one’s muscle memory.  

Formulating the Right Solution. 

Simplifying the mystery of injections, it is important to know there are two different ways to treat aesthetic injections. First, there is a formula that will add volume to a facial area. Secondly, there is a formula that will relax muscles from performing a certain motion.  

For those who are novice to the injection world, the household name of Botox is used to treat fine lines by relaxing or freezing the muscles from performing their typical contractions. Botox is a trusted brand and the treatment is easy to achieve desired results. Botox is most commonly known to smooth out forehead lines, crows feet and more. The post-treatment affects start to slow down muscle movements that have grown strong and in-turn increased fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is typically the first treatment requested when beginning injections. 

Fun fact! Did you know there are more treatments treatments using Botox? It can go beyond facial aesthetics and help treat over-perspiration in underarms and help alleviate tension from headaches and migranes.

When to Begin Treatments

Once an individual finds their fine lines and wrinkles less appealing, many seek a facial injection treatment. With any good practice, a treatment will include a thorough consultation.  The consultation will cover your facial aesthetic goals and any contradictions prior to the treatment. It is common for first time patients to not know what injection options are available to them as there are many brands and solutions. A skilled nurse injections will have all the right paperwork and provide answers to all your questions before securing the right treatment plan based on the aesthetic goals. 

A Personalized Treatment

Great consultations will recommend starting small and growing your units and exposure to Botox and other injectables. From a perspective of being proactive versus reactive to facial fine lines and wrinkles, it should be noted it is much more cost effective to be proactive.  Preventative treatments require less effort than corrective treatments and the time you spend now allows time to develop a relationship with your nurse injectionist.

Fear of needles? First off, the needles are very small with Botox treatments. However, there is no need to keep your eyes open during the treatment process. Nurses can offer discreet  application methods to help you get the results you want while respecting the hurdle with any fears.

Consider a Botox Treatment

Why are so many young adults and busy professionals loving this service? Easy, the service is quick and effective.

Botox is the first and only FDA-approved treatment to temporarily reduce and smooth the appearance of moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can be a wonderful treatment for preventative wrinkles, as well as a corrective approach. Botox decreases the progression of muscle movement and offers a natural, refreshed look and gives you an ultimate, youthful “glow”

With many products out in the market, it is finding the right solution for the desired results. Lili Salon Spa offers injection treatments with registered nurses Sam and Julie. Each recognizes this services is a fine art to provide natural, facial aesthetics.  It is always best to start with a consultation to learn more about what injections and treatments may be right for you. 

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