Charming Faces at Lili Salon Spa and Tonic Barber

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We have a lot of faces between Lili Salon Spa and Tonic Barber! However, it is fun to take a deep dive to meet the people behind the faces. As we enter 2024, we are celebrating our team by sharing a little more about what makes them tick and what brings joy to each of us, teammates, guests and the passerby. Let us introduce a few charming faces at Lili Salon Spa and Tonic Barber!

Pictured in Photo – Team Left to Right: Johneil at Tonic, Douglas at Lili, Ian at Lili, Orville at Tonic, Ben at Lili, John at Lili. Not pictured Dawson and William.

Artists Beyond

In this industry, professionals push the artistic boundaries to create beautiful experiences to create an incredibly exciting world. The variety and care each of our team members offer gives so much interest for our guests to appreciate. However, it is fun to see the creative spark ignite outside of the salon. Douglas spends time as a photographer when not behind the chair. Weekends you can find Dawson performing as drag entertainer Stacy Lamour (with many notable accolades to date). The sweet sound of music is embraced by all. Ben is tuned into 89.3 The Current around the house. John plays the trumpet.

Staying Active and Noshing

We are movers in this industry. Grass doesn’t grow under our feet as our team wants to explore and watch the world unfold! Dawson is an avid hiker and John is always down to golf at 6am. William stays active exploring punk, rock and alternative concerts in the city. Ben loves to check out new restaurants and bars with a particular love for Thai food. Meanwhile, Johneil enjoys Asian and African food. Inside scoop, John thoroughly enjoys the American Cheeseburger at Red Cow. Found at home, Dawson loves home cooking through all the best recipes!

Time Is On Their Side

Years of experience helps our team excel. Ranging in experience and exposure offers so much variety and spice to each and every guest. Practically raised in the beauty industry, Dawson has been involved with the industry since 16 years old. Meanwhile, Orville discovered the original Tonic Barber that inspired him to head to cosmetology school and find great success in the industry for over 11+ years. Ben has been rocking hair services in Atlanta, Georgia and Minnesota for 17+ years. Fun enough, Johneil has shared knowledge on cutting for 24+ years. Douglas, Ian and William each offer 35+ years in the industry. It’s amazing how growth can happen and what value the years of experience can offer to our guests and teammates.

Worldly and Stately Views

Our salon leadership comes from salon owner’s John and Haley Benjamin. John was born in the United Kingdom, with parents from Sri Lanka and Holland. Bringing a little variety (and accent) is a fun part of the mix at the salon. John also recently gained his American citizenship. Loving the perspective from different views is Ian who was born in East Africa and lived in Germany and England. Ian moved to the US in 1984. Keeping it stateside, Orville grew up in Gilbert, Arizona, Johneil grew up in Gary, Indiana and Dawson grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Douglas spent most of his career owning a salon in Seattle, WA and embracing the west coast life. Ben grew up in St. Peter, MN while William grew up on a pig farm in Wendell, MN. All bring different perspectives and experiences to the table which makes this team strong and beautiful.

Celebrating Teams on the Screen

Zooming cars in F1 racing is a favorite past time of Ian and Orville. During breaks, you can hear them catching up on past races including facts about the drivers, cars and tracks. Johneil enjoys catching a few sports on the TV. He is a big fan of the Pacers, Colts and Lakers. John celebrates football (English style) and is a huge Liverpool fan.

Flicks of movies and shows are sure not to be missed. Orville enjoys Star Trek and Ben will entertain any horror movies. Additionally, both Ben and Orville love to share a spot on the couch with the cats! Ian is one with the dogs. As for a oldie but goodie, William and Ian are always up for The Godfather film series.

Giving Back

Nurturing and education is a huge component to sharing talent with others. Douglas, Johneil and William all have spent time educating in cosmetology schools. Dawson is the Kerastase brand ambassador and shares knowledge with new talent. John is always spending time helping our team by fixing things about the salon while balancing being the father to 2 girls. Ian is always lending an ear and keeping individuals inspired through his love for motivation books.

Each of our teammates have so much to share and give to our guests and team. It is a really special gift working alongside or being worked on by each of them. Learn what it is all about with our team by scheduling an appointment at Lili Salon Spa in Galleria Edina. Book you favorite service online here.

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