3 Tips for the Best Service Experience at the Salon


Our front desk team sees a lot in the salon. They are gurus at their craft and have all the tips and tricks to making you have the best service experience at the salon. They really have heard and seen it all. We did some polling on how they felt a guest could have the best experience. We narrowed it down to the top 3 tips that can make your experience better from our front of house perspective.

Prebook your Next Appointment.

When leaving your appointment, take the time to schedule out your next visit (even if it it is 6 months from now). This gives you the secured spot and ability for us to connect with your artist to make any accommodations to plan for the day. We know you can’t see all the twists and turns life can provide, but it is all too common when we have to say there isn’t availability for when you feel it is right for you to come in. Also, our front team can see the exact services – so no errors in communication on the difference between a color, balayage or foil can occur. Your services are booked right with the correct timing and plan for your beauty service experience.

Patience in Planning

The front of house team juggles a lot and want to make each person’s experience is 100% accurate. When a guest leaves a check out spot, there are a few things to finish up on the computer to ensure it is all set for the next interaction. Giving them a moment to wrap it up keeps everyone’s plans accurate. Additionally, if you don’t like planning, let them help you design a perfect day of beauty. First off, they enjoy lining up schedules, desired outcomes and can make your beauty experience fun and productive. 


Maintain your desired look with the products your professional used by picking it up on the same day of service. Be it a facial, mani or hair service, many times our front of house team get calls a few hours or days after a check out. They want to speak to their artist to know what product they used on their skin, hair or name of the polish. This can be a lot to recollect and track down for both the artist and front of house team. Therefore, if you can’t pick up the product right away, let our team write it down for you. We want to be masterminds, but it can be hard to remember all the details for specific products. 

Book the Appointment

Online booking has a lot to offer in scheduling and clarity around the services booked. However, if you ever feel tentative about a specific service, give our front of house team a call. They are happy to answer any questions. If they don’t know the answer, they will figure out a way to contact you with the right information. Book online or over the phone at Lili Salon Spa in the Galleria.

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