Meet Julia! Bio coming soon!


Meet Melissa! She is a licensed cosmetologist ready to provide acute care through excellent massage and attention to the details in all of her services. As a mom of 6 wonderful kids, you can find Melissa enjoying the time exploring the outdoors with her beautiful children!


Meet Lia! With a strong passion for nails and the integrity of the natural nail, Lia is ready to polish and protect all your digits! With a great appreciate for fashion, you will find Lia embracing fun fashion-forward looks too. When not around the spa, she loves the time she has with her kiddos.


Meet Tessa! Bio coming soon.


Meet Choua! With a passion for nails and the small details, she enjoys providing the best in nail care. Her favorite services are specializing in artificial nails and nail art. When not at Lili, you can find her singing in her free time!


Meet Arica! Her eye for detail and background in graphic design allows her to deliver beautiful nail care. Beaming with kindness and passion for customer service, Arica’s guests are delighted and pampered!


Meet Kyah! Offering detailed nail art and beautiful nails, she also loves to spend time with her animals at home. You can also find her creating new hairdo’s with fun colors!

Le Jeune

Meet Le Jeune! Le Jeune is a licensed nail technician. She specializes in sculpted artificial nail enhancements & average ingrown toenails. Le Jeune is an amazing cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen usually with the ID channel on!


Meet Mina! Mina is a licensed nail technician. She enjoys treating ingrown nails, creating nail art and any kind of detailed work. Mina became a nail technician because she is passionate about art and connection with her clients.

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