Oribe Education in North Carolina


A group of hairstylists at Lili Salon Spa embarked on an exciting journey to North Carolina in July for advanced training with Oribe. Douglas, Amy, Marwa and Meg flew to the lush landscapes of North Carolina – a perfect backdrop for their educational adventure!

Under the guidance of Oribe’s expert trainers, our team of stylists honed their skills to perfection. They delved into the latest trends, mastering the art of hairstyling with finesse. Each day was filled with hands-on workshops and creative sessions, pushing their talents to new heights. The camaraderie among our team and other salons in the nation grew stronger as they shared their passion for hairdressing.

The trip was a delightful blend of learning and leisure, leaving our hardworking team inspired and rejuvenated. North Carolina had not only been a place of learning but also a source of unforgettable memories.

Armed with new techniques and insights from Oribe’s training, each are ready to transform their clients’ hair. As they returned to Lili Salon Spa, the hairstylists were eager to infuse the magic of Oribe into every haircut, making their clients feel like stars.

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