Manicures, pedicures and pampering services begin with healthy nails
embellished with splashes of classic red, vibrant nail art and funky french tips.


Hydrating Manicure 45 minutes
 Our signature hydrating treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle work and polish. Sink into a relaxing massage with LCN anti-aging cream for added moisture.
 $36-47+ Gel Polish available as an add-on service.

Anti-Aging 24K Gold Mask Manicure 60 minutes
A luxury treatment that is active and powerful. Collagen-boosting properties of the 24K gold mask paired with a LED light therapy, allows each guest to activate cell metabolism and muscle relaxation. This service includes traditional polish, gel polish, or buff and shine.

Express Manicure 30 minutes
Quick nail shape. Choose traditional polish, buff and/or shine.



All pedicures will have the choice of urea or citrus nail care products.

Citrus nail care products are refreshing and rich in natural active substances to help to maintain the most demanding skin.
Vitamin C helps repair and reproduce skin cells while stimulating collegen for skin smoothness and elacticity.

Urea nail care products promote rehydratrion of the skin and is the active ingredient often used medically for treatment of dry and thickened skin conditions. 
Urea is safe for diabetic care. Additionally, it is gluten, mineral oil, silicone and paraben free.


Hydrating Pedicure 60 minutes
Optum care for very dry, calloused or sensitive skin. This pedicure will revitalize and hydrate.  This pedicure is great for all skin types.
 $69-90+ Gel Polish available as an add-on service.

Anti-Aging 24K Gold Mask Pedicure 90 minutes
A luxury treatment that has 5-in-1 skin regenerating treatments through ultrasonic, galvanic and LED therapies gives your legs and toes something to be desired. Extra time for massage and multiple skin treatments, this pedicure is the creme de la creme. Hot towels and anti-inflammatory products provide the ultimate in relaxation and results. This service includes traditional polish, gel polish, or buff and shine.

Express Pedicure 30 minutes
Quick nail shape. Choose traditional polish, buff and/or shine.

Artificial Nails
Add structure and strength to acheive your ideal nail length.

Gel Nails 

Gel Full Set: $79-106
Gel Pink and White Full Set: $89-116

Gel Fill: $60-72
Gel Pink and White Fill: $84-111

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Full Set: $69-96
Acrylic Pink and White Full Set: $89-116

Acrylic Fill: $50-62
Acrylic Pink and White Fill: $69-96

Nail Enhancements

Nail Art
Creative art options or traditional french. 
Creative services vary depending on complexity: $10+

Barefoot Nail Prosthetic and Reconstruction 
We offer a revolutionary service for guests that desire a cosmetic nail correction  to restore a nail partially or completely. This service is available for anyone that wants to restore their nail in a natural state. It can be a nail service for both men and women. The service offers a non-porous material, strong yet flexible movement, natural feeling and customized coloration. To learn if you are a candidate, please call to schedule a consultation with our certified nail artists for this life-changing service.
Each fingernail: $20
Each toenail: $50

Toe Brace
Corrective procedure for nail curvature to repair ingrown nails.
First Toe Brace: $60
Additional Toe Brace with first brace service is $30 each.

IBX Treatment
A nail plate strengthener to pair with Gel Polish or to grow grow natural nails. 
Add-on service: Manicure and Pedicures is $20.

Broken Nail Services 
We can offer the ability to correct any nails that may be broken with an acrylic overlay, gel nail or other.

Happy Feet
Enjoy an additional 15 minutes of massage. 
Add-on service for Pedicures: $25

Service Reservation Times

Can I make an reservation today?

We love to accommodate last minute services, but please be mindful we will do our very best to fit you in.

Love a specific reservation time, artist and/or service?

Based on the demand for our artist’s time and services availability, we suggest reserving your next visit immediately after a visit. Not only does it secure your spot, you are also awarded 1,000 Beauty Reward Points – that much closer to redeeming a free service or a gift certificate towards product.

Let us arrange your reservations prior to a relaxing services such as massage and facials. Many times you are too relaxed to open your phone and start looking at your calendar.

Reservation Adjustments and Cancellations

As a courtesy to our team of talented artists, we ask that you kindly notify our conceirge of any cancellations 48 hours in advance to help those who are on our waiting lists to receive the services at the time you may be scheduled for.  Karma is good and will always come back to you!  Not only will you have given your artist an opportunity to schedule in another reservation, you also allowed someone patiently waiting on our reservations list to be able to snag your spot. Thank you for your kindness!

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