Invisible Bead Method Extensions

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Learn about the new technique that offers a new twist on extension installation. The invisible bead method for extensions is an innovative system that makes the process a wonderful opportunity to show of your hair, with little to no detection of extensions.

Extensions can be a secret.

Stylists using this method offer guests a full range of hair styles without anyone knowing their hair extension secret. The “invisible” beads are hidden between the wefts of hair, allowing the extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. It is a huge opportunity to put your hair in any which style with little worries of what others may see.

Flexibility without Tension

The process allows a person to be able to wear their hair up in a ponytail without any scalp tension or irritation. There are clean lines in the installation that allows for everything to move smoothly.

Healthy Hair Growth

Keeping the natural hair you have in its best health is the number one goal with extension services. With an invisible bead method, you can be assured the only hair brushed out during a maintenance appointment will be a natural shed. Maintenance can be called a “move up” for these appointments after an initial installation. Remember, healthy hair is just as important as a healthy scalp. After removal, a scalp should be in the best care with proper daily maintenance.

Installation Experience

The installation process is no joke and the detail that goes in to it for a healthy, no tension application, is why it has risen as the most requested method.  Having long luxurious hair should not come at a cost of risking hair loss, scalp tension and irritation.  There should be very little hair shed in-between move ups and no discomfort. Expect a few hours as your stylist sections, designs and blends the new hair into your natural hair.

The initial process of an installation begins with a wash and blowout. This offers the cleanest starting point with a custom installation. A custom color can sometimes be done, but typically expect a cut for proper blending between extensions and natural hair.

Daily Maintence

Live your day using all your same products from your stylists recommendations and wash your hair as you would normally. The biggest new regimen could be brushing hair both in the morning and at night. The best brush is a boar bristle brush for extensions. The softness of the bristles allow hair to detangle and stay smooth with the extension and regular hair.

Also, never go to bed with wet hair. Use hydrating styling oils on your ends of the extension hair. Keep in mind, what you are using any type of sunscreen, use mineral based sunscreen for those summer days and vacations. This is a must. If you apply sunscreen on your body, the chances are your hair will come in contact with it, especially if you end up playing with your hair. The right sunscreen can prevent the color or texture changing on the extensions. Sunbum is a great example of a mineral based sunscreen.  Otherwise everything about your day to day routine is the same! 

Hair Maintenance

You will need to move invisible bead extensions up every 8-10 weeks. This process is removing all the extensions from your head and reinstalling them with new beads.  Long luscious beautiful (and seamless) hair with a healthy flexible install will keep your natural hair in it’s best integrity.

Learn if this extensions process is right for your hair goals and budget. Book a free consultation to see how the invisible bead extension method can give you your dream hair and dream flip! Online booking is easy and free at Lili Salon Spa in Edina Galleria. Learn more about your hair possibilities today.

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