How to Buy the Right Skin Care Routine for You! 


With countless skin care options on the market these days it is hard to know where to even start when creating a skincare routine. To simplify, let’s start out with what type of skin you have. Many people think that they have one skin type. However, that is not the case. It is a never ending saga of your skin changing fast. 

There are actually only 4 different skin types. Skin types are as follows; dry, oily, combination or normal. Acne prone, dehydrated, aging and sensitive aren’t actually skin types since they are not determined by genetics. So if you are confused on where to start in your skin care routine it is best to start with the basics; what is my skin type?

When purchasing retail for your skin it is best to start out with an easy and fairly simple routine. That way you know what is working for you and what is not. 

First up, cleanser.

If you are a normal, combination or oily skin type, a gel based cleanser is a good start. A gel based cleanser is going to do the job of removing all of that excess sebum and build up throughout the day. Dry and combination skin should look into a cream-based cleanser. These are going to be more gentle on the skin and help not to strip the skin. It is also a good idea to look into having 2 cleansers based on how your skin is feeling that day. Not all skin is always oily. The same is true that not all dry skin is always feeling dry. Having both a gel and cream based cleanser in your arsenal is a great way to start a healthy skin care routine that is not cookie cutter. 

Next up, toner (and why the heck is it even needed?).

Toner’s main purpose is to balance the Ph of your skin and help prep it for the serums to come. Gone are the days of stripping your skin with toner and upsetting the acid mantle of our skin. No matter the skin type or issue, make sure your toner is gentle on your skin. This is the perfect way to prep your skin for the serums and aid in the absorption of the products to come.

Now, it’s time for a serum. 

This is typically the part where people go wrong. Remember from the beginning, “what is your skin type”? Now it’s time to add to that knowledge. Ask the question “What are my skin issues”? If  you are struggling with acne, sun spots, uneven skin tone, or sensitivity then the serum is the part for you to help alleviate those problems. Choosing a serum should be based on your main concerns. If you are struggling with dry or sensitive skin a hyaluronic acid serum is a great step to add. Hyaluronic acid holds 100x more moisture than water making it a super hydrator. The best part is that most acne prone skin also love this ingredient. Make sure when choosing a serum you are going based on your current skin issue, not the issues you used to have or fear you will have in the future. Using a serum that is wrong for your skin at that time can sometimes cause more harm than good. 

Lastly, moisturizer. 

This can change vastly on where you live and what time of year. If it is a hot summer a thin hyaluronic based moisturizer during the day is probably going to be more than enough compared to your winter skin which will need more love. A good rule of thumb is always wear SPF during the day and at night go for a more rich moisturizer. As long as the moisturizer isn’t pilling up on the skin, that’s a good indicator that your skin is absorbing it and gaining the benefits.

Where to Shop for your Skin Care

Working with an esthetician or dermatologist is a great start. At Lili Salon Spa in the Galleria in Edina, MN, there are many skin care products to choose from. Consult with one of their skin care professionals to find the right product for you. Even better, if you want to get pampered and try out products, booking a facial will use the customized skin care products that will leave you glowing! Book online or over the phone.

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