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Manicures offer lots of choices between nail shapes, color and types of polish. Short on allotted time? Schedule can predominately determine a quick manicure experience between an express, traditional or 24k Gold Manicure. In each case, one of our most popular polishes steals the show. Whether extra time is not to spare or you can be a bit fidgety, our natural polish Dazzle Dry offers a quick drying formula that is sure to wiggle your toes about!

Order is Important

Boasting many color choices, the key to Dazzle Dry’s success is a very systematic approach to polish chemistry. There are 4 steps to sealing the deal and ensuring the longest drying, long lasting polished nail. As with any manicure, it is critical to work on clean nail plate. This polish has a nail plate cleaner as it’s first step in the system. Next steps follow up with base, color and top coat.

A Bit of Magic

The polish illusions are where the base coat begins. Depending on the temperature of where you keep your Base Coat, it can be cloudy. Before polishing, it is important to put the bottle in one inch of hot water until the product becomes clear. Once the polish transforms to clear, it is ready to use! Polish up two coats of base coat until you see your nails look matte in luster. Yes, you read that correctly. Matte is the desired dried appearance for both the base and color coats of Dazzle Dry. It isn’t until the top coat is applied that the color comes to life with a beautiful glossy appearance.

Wrapping up a Quick Manicure

Unlike gel polish, dazzle dry is easy to remove. This is removal process can be done at home, unlike artificial, dip or gel polish systems. Using a traditional polish remover and cotton, this product can be wiped away quickly. This can be a time saver if you can’t make it into the salon if you are on the go.

Getting Your Hands On It

Ready to experience Dazzle Dry? It can be found at Lili Salon Spa in Edina, MN within their nail care services. However, it is also retailed at Lili Salon Spa for those who prefer to DIY. It is important to purchase the entire system if it is your first time doing it yourself. Mini starter kits are available too. Once you have the system, it is easy to pick new colors to compliment your attire and seasonal nail palette choices. Book your next Dazzle Dry Manicure appointment online, or stop in the store to pick up a kit today.

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