Celebrating Vivier Skincare

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Offering the best skincare solutions is a reason we are celebrating Vivier Skincare for over 20+ years. As a company that has taken time to develop and expand their products, Lili Salon Spa is pleased to offer premier beauty results with science-backed commitment. Curious about the investment of time using the products to see results? Expect to see changes in your skin in as little as 4 weeks. Of course, results may with vary, but your continual interaction and use of the products will help enhance your best skin.

Skincare Simplified

Vivier Skincare wants to make it easy for everyone to use. Therefore, they follow a simple philosophy to fit any regimen. A four step skin care routine simplifies the highest quality products! First, learn their easy-to-use steps to approach your best skin:

Cleansers and toners remove pore-clogging impurities and rebalance the skin’s natural pH.

Target products contain powerful ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to achieve the best results.

Moisturizers maintain the skin’s balance and barrier function to protect it from damage.

Sunscreens contain the newest technology plus added antioxidants to maximize protection from damaging UV rays.


Educating for Renewed Skin

Vivier Skincare offers lots of education for both to the general public and those who offer services with their medical skin care line. Vivier’s promise to support and connect with their medspa teams. Lili Salon Spa, showcases the promise Vivier has to ensure each user experience is of the upmost importance.

Customized Results

Want to learn more about Winter Skin Care Tips? Head over to Vivier’s blog to learn what you need to know for the winter months. Customized skincare can begin with a product consultation with one of Lili Salon Spa’s Advanced Practice Estheticians found right in the medspa. Book a skincare consultation with online booking.

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