Beautiful Hair with Supplements and Microneedling

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At Lili Salon Spa, we believe in the perfect balance for strong, beautiful hair with Goldie Locks. Their unique approach combines powerful supplements and microneedling to give you the best tresses health possible.

Supplements for Hair Health

The Goldie Locks supplements are exceptionally formulated to deliver a potent daily dose of hair-supporting nutrients. Supplements target internal causes for growth interruptions such as inflammation, stress, lifestyle, and nutritional gaps. By addressing these issues, the supplements help your body regain the balance needed for visibly healthy, thicker, fuller, and longer-looking locks. Plus, you’ll enjoy added benefits like improved energy, mood, and immune system support.

Supplement with glass of water to support beautiful hair growth.

Microneedling for Scalp Rejuvenation

Treat your crown health on contact with our micro-needle derma roller. This innovative tool enhances blood flow and collagen production, promoting optimal hair growth. Use it twice weekly to stimulate your scalp effectively. For transformative results, pair it with Goldie Locks’ Scalp Serum and Supplements.

Microneedling scalp tool for beautiful hair growth.

Transform Your Hair Routine

Get proactive in your daily scalp health routine with Goldie Locks. The supplements and microneedling treatment offer a comprehensive solution to transform from the inside out.

Visit Lili Salon Spa

Visit Lili, a salon in Edina, MN at The Galleria to purchase your Goldie Locks regimen, including our specially formulated supplements, microneedling derma roller, and a range of shampoos, conditioners, and serums. Curious about extensions? Book an extensions consultation to learn how Goldie Locks and our extensions can add even more options to your dream hair. Transform your routine today and experience the benefits of health and strength in your beautiful hair journey!

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