5 Tips to Ensure a Healthy and Clean Pedicure

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  1. 1. Share your health.

    A consultation before you begin your service with your nail artist will ensure the proper care regarding your safety. It is very important to share with your nail technician if you are diabetic, pregnant or on blood thinners. This health information will guide their procedures to ensure you have a safe experience.

    2. Verify a sanitized pedicure tub.

    If receiving a waterless pedicure, be sure that your feet are sanitized with either a sanitizer spray or liquid application to ensure you begin your service in the right way – sanitized for both the nail artist and yourself!

    For pedicures that use water to help soften and prepare the feet for treatment, verify that pedicure tub is clean. For pedicure tubs that have jets, note that a disinfectant must be ran through the system for the designated amount of time per disinfection requirements. This process would be done between guests. An easy option to know that a pedicure bowl is clean, find a spa that does not use jets or has a special one-time-use tub liner insert.

    3. Skip the double dip. Any products are being used in a community fashion should alert you to misuse and potential contamination between guests. Look for single use packets, or proportioned containers to ensure you are getting clean, non-contaminated product during all stages of your pedicure.

    4. Implements are Clean.

    Red alert should happen if any tools or nail files appear to be used prior to your service. This is including, and not limited to, buffing blocks, cotton, nail wipes and files.

    4. Post Treatment Recommendations

    What you do after your pedicure is key in keeping your feet looking great with the right products. One of our favorite at-home treatments is the LCN Urea 10% Foot Cream. It will help prolong the health of your pedicure and lock in moisture and eliminate dry callus which can be the cause of your feet cracking.

Lili Salon Spa in Edina, MN uses a pipeless pedicure tub insert with every pedicure and performs a health analysis prior to the treatment. Additional benefits include a full-massage chairs to assist with relaxation for the ultimate pedicure experience. To schedule an appointment, please call 952-224-3300 or schedule an appointment online.

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