3 Reasons to Refresh Skin with a Dermaplane Treatment

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Ever catch a glimpse of facial vellus hairs glistening in the daylight? These unwanted baby fine hairs can prevent skin from holding onto makeup and effectively soaking up skincare. A treatment like Dermaplane, also known as dermablade, will combat pesty vellus hairs and remove dry, dead skin – leaving you with fabulously smooth skin.

Dermaplaning is the process of using of a special surgical blade to remove the top layer of dry, dull skin and vellus hairs. The big post-treatment reveal is a smoother complexion and glowing skin below. Kiss the mini razors and facial waxing goodbye! You’ll not only get the benefits of having a hair-free face, but it’s also a great solution to minimize the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

So why is this treatment for you?

First, it’s practically a perfect service for just about anyone. Even those pregnant or nursing can receive this treatment.  If you feel your skin is dry or lacking moisture, this process helps awaken the skin below though manually exfoliating the top layers of dead skin. 

Secondly, it enhances your skin care products’ efficacy. Invest in excellent skin care? Dermaplaing will help these products sink in up to 30% deeper! Let this treatment enhance your daily efforts at home.

Thirdly, makeup can look flawless and airbrushed every single day! When a dermaplane treatment removes the vellus hairs on the skin, makeup can actually stick to your skin (rather than getting trapped in baby hairs along the way). This makes makeup minimal and maximalists look flawless all month long. Your makeup can actually adhere directly on the skin!

Pair it a Peel

For added benefits, pair a dermaplane treatment with a peel. This will give you the ultimate glow and allow for the peel to work deep into the dermal layer. This provides the ultimate exfoliation!

If you’re looking for a quick, painless way to get a skin refresh with no downtime, a dermaplane treatment is a perfect monthly service. Lili Salon Spa’s advanced practice esthetician team is able to support your skin health. Learn more about the dermaplane services or book an appointment online at Lili Salon Spa in Edina, MN. 

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