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Looking for a permanent straightening treatment to restore damaged and problematic hair? Look no further! Hair professionals have found a straightening treatment that is suitable for all hair types, thin, wavy, curly, damaged, frizzy and straight. With many solutions to maintain problematic hair, it can tend to get tiresome and expensive. Now, we are offering QiQi, a permanent smoothing solution for all hair types! It is the ultimate straightening treatment from our hair professionals that have been offering other options up until they have been getting their hands on this brand new solution.

Customized straightening treatment for your best hair goals.

QiQi has formulated 3 different versions that provide permanent results and is rich in conditioning and gloss treatments. Whether a guest is wanting seriously straight hair, the best version of their curls or to regain control of their hair without making it overly straight, this the ideal treatment . The results of this treatment are ultimately hair goals, adding shine, body, smoothness and absolutely no need for a blow dryer.

QiQi treatments are color, bleach and highlight safe. No downtime for hair coloring! This treatment is safe to implement just before a color service. All daily routine activities will pose no challenge! Sweat, moisture, harsh climatic conditions, chlorine, are no threat to the treatment. Hair will rejuvenate and revitalize without fear of damage caused by a chemical solution.

What would the QiQi appointment entail? Each QiQi treatment, regardless of the hair type, will take around 3 hours to apply, process and finish. At the end of the appointment guests will receive 3 QiQi products; shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, all included in the service price.

Results that last.

What is the maintenance with the QiQi treatment? Since this is a permanent treatment, there is very little maintenance that comes along with this service. Guests will only start to notice a change when their hair starts to grow. There will be a “touch up” service available to guests who have received the full QiQi treatment.

Lili Salon Spa in is proud to be a hair salon offering hair straightening treatments in the Twin Cities. Certified QiQi stylists are able to customize this treatment for your desired results. To learn more about pricing click here or book an appointment online.

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