Special Event Services

Whether it is a big day coming up, a special event,  or an injury keeping you from experiencing our space, we are delighted to offer unique on-site and off-site services.

 On-Site Special Occassion Services Information


Special Event Spaces at Lili Salon Spa

Courtesy of Lili, our special event guests that book a group of four or more with $1,200+ in services will have the option to reserve one of two private areas – either our private salon boutique room or private spa area with delightful amenities, right here in our salon spa. 

Private Boutique Amenities:

* Champagne Flutes and Napkins
* Ice Bucket
* Orange Juice and Sparkling Water
* Fresh Fruit Tray
and more depending on your event needs!

Learn more in when you fill out our contact forms so we can best assist you.

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Off-Site Services Information

What Off-Site Services Are Available?

Nail Care

Recently had a surgery or have limited mobility? Need more service options?
We will do our best to coordinate your requests on an individual basis. 

Off-Site Service Pricing

Our artist’s beauty on demand services do create more demand for the artist’s time to aid in the success of your off-site services. All services are charged double the amount of an in-salon service. We find our artists need the time to set up, learn the space to best support your big event and need the time to pick up their belongings after their services to transport back to the salon spa.  An 18% gratuity is applied to the service. Love your artist more? Tips are allowed on the day-of if you feel like your artist has done an exceptional job for your off-site needs.

Off-Site Location Pricing

We do our best to help coordinate the perfect match for your services and the location you are planning to have your services take place. As our stylists travel from our salon to your on-site location, we want to ensure their time is valued away from their normal work environment. Should your event be 10 miles or more away from our location, the reservation will have a $30 travel fee per artist. If your event is outside of 20 miles, we will discuss further as sometimes we have found our artists land in other states and countries to create your beauty dreams. 

Off-Site Reservation Process

To schedule an off-site reservation, please email liligalleria@lilisalonspa.com to aid in your reservation process. We ask that you include the following in your email to help us best service you and answer any questions you may have:

Name of each person with what off-site services are desired.
If you or your group is looking for a specific artist, please note this.
We want to know what occassion, event or just-because reason!
It helps us ask the right questions!
We also want to make sure we have the services needed by each person.
Please share the location of the Off-Site service is to happen, and if it
is the same location or how far it is from where you need to be!
Any and all event timelines! Please let us know the time you need to be completed by!
If you have a specific start and end time, please know this can
sometimes require more artists to ensure we can complete your timeline.

Please ensure all emails are sent with each item listed above to provide the best support by our off-site service coordinator. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Once your reservation has been confirmed and you have agreed to move forward with the off-site booking, off-site services must be paid in-full 1 week prior to the service to guarantee bookings. A credit card will be kept on file for any last minute additions on the day of the service.

Off-Site Cancellations

As a courtesy to our team of talented artists, we ask that you kindly notify our off-site service coordinator by email of any cancellations 72 hours (3 days) in advance to reopen our artist’s schedules and have the potential to create new bookings.  All Off-Site cancellations within 72 hours will have our artist retain 100% of service fees. Travel fees will be refunded if applicable.

Special Occassion Countdowns!

As a courtesy to our guests, we have helped prepare you for any big occasion that may have you starting to plan and prep more in advance for optimal results. Our Beauty Countdown is a great resource for our planners!

Beauty Countdown

Six Months Ahead…
Hair: Begin weekly conditioning treatments for your hair.
Skin: Prep your skin for a glow – start with a peel that will offer you results immediately.

Three Months Ahead…
Skin: Makeup trends should be evolving, schedule an application with our estheticians. If you are not looking for makeup, we offer excellent moisturizers that even skin tone and offer a refreshing, clean palatte for any candid photos!
Hair: A fresh trim and color in case you are trying anything new or different!
IMPORTANT: Start to book your appointments on the dates and times needed for optimal coordination.

Two Months Ahead…
Nails: If you are a nail biter, start to come in for weekly manicures to help grow your nails and polish off your new look.
Skin: One more peel and a deep facial will keep your skin glowing!

One-Two Weeks Ahead…
Hair: This is the time to get your hair shape perfected and color touched up!
Skin: Ensure Your waxing has been completed 3-4 days before your event along with our favorite red-carpet ready service…dermablading!
Nails: A perfected manicure one day before your big event will leave your hands looking their best!

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